Pure Heart Ministries is a SPACE that those who lead and mentor girls and young women can come to find inspiration, empowering messages and resources for ministry; resources that will help you entwine YOUR heart and those in YOUR WORLD with our Creator and His plans for your lives. We are passionate about seeing YOU equipped, encouraged and inspired as leaders and mentors of young women; be it in your homes, your local church, in bible studies, in your community, globally or wherever God calls you to lead. We are passionate about seeing you lead and mentor the girls in your world to flourish along divinely planned life-paths as daughters of the Most High God.

“What bliss you experience when your heart is pure! For then your eyes will be open to see more and more of God.” – Jesus  (Matthew 5:8)

The pure at heart see God…

We want to see a true image of who He is so we can know who we are in Him, know our value as His daughters and shine who He is in our worlds.

Pure Heart Ministries aims to provide a range of leadership and mentoring tools to teach, train, equip and inspire YOU as a leader, mentor or mother of girls and young women. We desire to direct you toward resources (blogs, curriculums, magazines, books, educational research papers and more) that will help you to provide a supportive, grace filled community around the girls and women in your world as they grow, develop and walk out the journey of entwining their hearts with their Creator, in likeness and  in purpose. We will feature many inspiring women, young and graced in age and wisdom who are leading others beautifully in their worlds.

If you have something you wish to share with this community please contact us through the website or through hello@carlythomson.com We would love to meet you.

We are all created in the image of God to be like God and are therefore are all valuable image bearers.

We are all on a journey toward becoming more like God, we are learning this through the example of Jesus and there is grace for that journey.

We need to be the community of grace, love and truth around young women (and the graced in age and wisdom) as they develop their identity in Christ.


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