Q. Can the Truth Seekers books be used in a small group setting?

A. Absolutely! These books and accompanying devotionals are easily used by small groups or bible study groups for tween girls all around the world. We'd encourage small group leaders to create a beautiful space, provide food, beverages and time for connection. 

Q. Does Carly provide life coaching or mentoring services for girls of all ages?

A. Carly mostly coaches tween girls in group settings and will soon have a link available where girls aged 10-14 or 15-18 can join for online life coaching. Carly also works along side parents and leaders of tween and teen girls. Carly is passionate about seeing all girls walk in relationship with their Creator as who He created them to be. If you'd like to know more information about these coaching sessions please feel free to contact Carly at hello@carlythomson.com

Q. Can I book Carly to come and share her books with my faith, local or school community?

A. Yes. Carly loves to come share her work, her teaching and her passion for writing. She can share about her books or teach creative writing sessions. Please contact Carly at hello@carlythomson.com to enquire about booking fees and options.

Q. Can I book Carly to come and preach in my faith community or school?

A. Yes. Carly is a dynamic story teller and anointed preacher and teacher. Her ability to share the gospel in a captivating manner allows her to engage the audience in such a way that they find themselves within the pages of the  bible and truly see and understand the context...

Q. Can I ask Carly to write for my blog, magazine, appear on my radio show or TV program?

A. Yes. Carly has much experience with radio interviews and tv media having been interviewed by the likes of Susan J Sohn and Kerri Anne Kennelly...