Carly Thomson is a dynamic, authentic, fun and anointed speaker. Her ability to craft and communicate a message not only draws her audience into the biblical narrative and other, she also takes you on a captivating heart and soul journey.

With a powerful personal testimony of how God rescued her, freed her from the entanglement of sin and then transformed her in such a radical way, those who once knew her are often left in awe and wonder of the goodness and power of God at work in and through her life when they see or hear her speak today.

Her passion for seeing the individual to come to know Jesus personally, to know their worth and to follow Him wherever He leads has inspired her toward small group mentoring and one-on-one life coaching both in Christian and Secular fields (See SHE COLLECTIVE).

Carly is passionate about preaching and teaching on topics such as;

- Discovering your unique identity in Christ

- His Presence is the Promise (following Jesus in the daily)

- Extravagant Invitations (Bringing the Presence of God into the world around you)

- The Wrestle (Authenticity with God)

- Roots and Wings (Allowing your roots to grow deep in His love so you can soar with Him in faith)

- Wild Faith (living life wide awake to the unforced rhythms of His grace, even when others don't understand).

And so much more! If you'd like Carly to come and share with your local church, school or other, please contact her at