Here you will find a safe and grace-filled space to learn and grow together as we embark on this crazy, fun, life-giving, wild faith adventure with Jesus.

The blogs are divided into various subject categories:

LIFE GIVING: What gives life to our SOUL? Potter around here for some sweet stories and practical advice that will bring life to your SOUL.

WILD FAITH: How do we wholeheartedly follow Jesus? Wild faith is all about helping us to live fully alive, awake and aware right where we are, so we can truly follow Jesus into all He has for us personally, in our families and in our careers.

GROW TOGETHER: How can I grow closer to Jesus when life is SO busy? Here you will learn how to create space in the midst of crazy-busy, for spiritual growth and spiritual practices that center our lives on Jesus for the everyday ordinary girl.

THE SACRED & THE SILLY: Why is Christianity so intense? It's not! Following Jesus is all about living life to the fullest, it's a fun adventure, with hard days and yes, intense moments and sacrifice... but it's also filled with beauty and wonder and silliness and people, broken and beautiful... that is the beauty of living life with Jesus. Here you will find the sacred and the silly life-changing moments with Jesus in the everyday ordinary silly fun and sacred spaces.

WRITING: How do I start to write? How do I publish a book? How do I know if I've got something to even say? Here you will find practical advice, encouragement, and tools as you grow as a writer. You will also find book reviews and releases.

CREATIVE HUB FOR TWEENS: How do I help my TWEEN navigate their faith journey? Here you will find devotionals, resources and more to help TWEENS grow in their identity and WILD FAITH adventure with Jesus.