• Dreaming with God: 7 tips that will guide your path

    So you are sitting down with a journal in front of you, a pen in hand and your Bible nearby BUT you cannot begin to write…

    Your hand is frozen…

    Fear grips your heart…

    What if I fail?

    What if you fly?

    What if it’s not a God dream?

    What if He whispered it into your heart?

    What if I totally miss it?

    What if you get it right?

    “A man’s mind plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.” Proverbs 16:9 (AMP)

    It’s good to make plans, to set goals, to dream for what you want your life to look like. Go ahead and make plans, then keep your heart and mind open to the leading of the Holy Spirit…not your feelings or your fears, but His leading. He will make your steps sure. Commit what you write down to God, pray His will, not yours be done. Then write. Write all those things that are stirring in your heart down that you are deeply passionate about down.

    Some things you will learn were perhaps not God dreams, and some were. Faith is stepping out even when you are not 100% sure of the outcome. We are all called to live a Wild Faith.

    Dream BIG, don’t be afraid or think it’s a silly waste of time. Some of the world’s greatest achievers were the ones BRAVE enough to dream.

    Create a Dream Journal or a Dream Board. Stick pictures, quotes, and scriptures that inspire you on a canvas or pages of a journal. Then put it somewhere you see it daily.


    1. Set goals across many areas of your life, for example, career or education goals, health, personal growth, people, travel, finance, giving, etc
    1. Get specific, what exactly do you want? Better grades? Then in what subject, A’s, B’s? Or You want to go on a missions trip, where to? Doing what?
    1. Commit to doing something each day to help you achieve your dreams. For example, good grades equal time spent daily studying.
    1. When you write your goals down, use the present tense and be specific. For example, instead of writing,

     I want good grades.


     I am going to study an extra hour each weekday.

    1. Give yourself a realistic time frame to achieve your goals.

         6. Sit with Jesus. Seriously, sit quietly and place your dream in his hands. Ask               Jesus if this is something he wants you to pursue and then follow your peace.

         7. Just do it! Once you have peace, take the leap of faith, fight the fears and go           for it. The best thing you can do to get those dreams happening is to start.

    If you want to dream more with God then why not grab my FREE devotional called WILD FAITH to help you on the journey.

    Posted by Carly Thomson